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Phuket Hotel Resort | Thavorn Beach Village Spa, Thailand


Where Thai Tradition Meets Nature

Nakalay Signature Massage (aches & tensions relief)

60mins THB 2,500++ / 90mins THB 3,500++
10mins Foot bath – 50/80mins warm oil deep tissue firm massage

Uses the warm oil with Thai classic massage technique which releases body fatigue and stress. It combines vigorous and soothing massage movements adapted to the individual’s specific areas of tension. This massage is highly effective in relieving muscular aches and pains and promotes general relaxation.

Nakalay ALLEVIATION MASSAGE (reduces muscle stiffness)

60mins THB 2,500++ / 90mins THB 3,500++
10mins Foot bath – 50/80mins medium to firm massage

Areas with poor circulation often develop trigger points - highly irritable spots that refer pain, tingling, or other sensations to other places in the body. Trigger points respond well to our special massage techniques. This is a deep tissue massage which offers a choice of aromatic oils in employing palms strokes, elbows and thumbs pressure to soothe and ease muscle aches.

Nakalay Aromatic Massage (body & mind relaxing)

60mins THB 2,500++ / 90mins THB 3,500++
10mins Foot bath – 50/80mins light to medium massage

Ease away all your anxiety and tension with a choice of aromatherapy oils specially blended to achieve the effect you desire. This light to medium pressure massage is designed to meet your individual needs and bring your body and mind into perfect equilibrium.

Thai Traditional Massage (muscle relaxation)

60mins THB 2,500++ / 90mins THB 3,500++
10mins Foot bath – 50/80mins body stretching massage

This is the classic Thai traditional massage. It works the body’s deep tissue using firm strokes and thumb pressure as well as stretching techniques. By concentrating on the meridian lines of the body this treatment restores flexibility and energy flow and alleviates chronic pain in the muscles and joints.

Luk Pra Kob (relax tenses muscle)

30mins THB 800++

A Thai signature herbal therapy, using two steamed herbal bags filled with assorted Thai traditional herbs and other traditional aromatic plants. The warmed herbal bags will be used alternately by rolling and pressing on specific areas of the body to relax tensed muscles and stimulate blood circulation, making it an ideal therapy for people with muscular tension.

Detoxifying Massage (toxin elimination)

60mins THB 2,500++ / 90mins THB 3,500++
10mins Foot bath – 50/80mins body stretching massage

Eliminate the toxins from your body with manual lymphatic drainage massage technique. This massage concentrates on the skin. By relieving congestion in the tissues, this treatment stimulates the natural cleansing process of the body and promotes a sense of deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage (deep relaxation)

60mins THB 2,800++ / 90mins THB 3,800++
10mins Foot bath – 50/80mins body stretching massage

Black & white stones are used in this treatment aim to balance and enhance the energy of the body. The massage provides a gentle and clamming effect to release state caused by modern life. You can tap the healing power of the stones experience and the therapeutic deep pressure massage with the art of healing for a rejuvenating and energizing treatment.

Back & Head Massage (stress and tension relief)

30mins THB 1,300++ / 60mins THB 2,000++

Stimulate the circulation and release tension on the back, neck and head area. This special massage restores the balance of energy flow around the body and relaxes the mind. Using special techniques massage, this treatment also promotes health and well-being.

Foot Reflexology (boosting the immune system)

30mins THB 1,300++ / 60mins THB 2,000++

The art of reflexology applies medium pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to the body’s vital organs. This technique corrects imbalances and promotes your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms by boosting the immune system.