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Phuket Hotel Resort | Thavorn Beach Village Spa, Thailand


Where Thai Tradition Meets Nature

As our vision is to become Asia's leading Natural Resort; it is paramount that your stay with us be a unique and memorable holiday. We strive to ensure that all of our guests get to feel relaxed and experience our tropical paradise. We have encapsulated something truly amazing with the beautifully tranquil surroundings of our Natural Orchid Garden.

Walking through the Orchid Garden of Thavorn Beach Village & Spa, you lose yourself in total tranquillity with the smells and sounds of the natural wildlife and surrounding plants. You get the opportunity to admire a wide variety of exquisite orchids, both in original and hybrid forms.

Thavorn Beach Village & Spa is the first seaside resort to cultivate orchid species into our gardens. This is considered difficult as salty sea breeze air is highly unsuitable for orchid cultivation. Each and every orchid had to be specially bred to ensure healthy seaside growth using 100% organic fertilisers. As a result it took us approximately 1.2 Million USD of investment and ten long years of research to get it right. All the work and effort has paid off as you will see, orchards are plentiful through all of our gardens, but none more so Thavorn Beach Resort Orchid Garden. We are sure you will enjoy.