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Adventure Tours in Phang Nga Province Thailand

  It is likely if you are holidaying in Phuket, Thailand that you will be based at one of Phuket’s popular West Coast beach resorts. This part of the island has forged its way into the consciousness of the mass tourism market as being synonymous with the Phuket Experience as a whole, but there is an [...]

Land based activities

Elephant Trekking        Elephant trekking can be a memorable experience not to be missed during your stay in Phuket, especially for children. Places such as the Chalong Highlands to the south of the island as well as Khao Lak and Khao Sok offer Elephant trekking and you can ride on an elephant along a trail through [...]

Water Activities

Fishing: The variety of fish to be caught in the Andaman sea is astounding and a number 1 experience for enthusiasts of all abilities. There are daily trips offered, which will take you to the rather small islands around Phuket, where you will encounter such fish as Red Snappers, Rainbow Runners etc. And the best [...]