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Wedding on a budget

7 Ways To Achieve Your Dream Beach Wedding On a Budget

Every woman would have at least once or twice, in a while fantasizing a wedding of our dream when we finally met Mr. Right. The beach is always the best backdrop for this one of a life-time ceremony. But Wedding is not cheap, never was… and a beach wedding is definitely far more expensive than hosting the ceremony at a church or a hotel ballroom. But it’s not totally hopeless for a beach wedding on a budget.

Here is 7 ways of how to achieve your dream beach wedding which is not gonna rip you off.

Make guest lists.

Making guest lists might not seems to be the priority, but it is. You need to fix a budget and make an estimate cost of everything. And to fix the budget you need to know how big your wedding gonna be, how many guests gonna come and the number of guests make a big impact on the cost.

Fix the budget.

First things first, fix the budget!  One of the worst parts of planning a wedding is thinking about or talking about money. We all wouldn’t want to spend to much on a wedding, when we have to spend many more soon on starting a new life with our fiancé, car, house, kids… everything take money and not just some money, a lot of money. But the wedding is neither nor or less important, it’s an important ceremony, a symbol of commitment and the foundation of you and your partner love’s.

Thinking how much it might cost you on the venue, the dress, shoes, gifts, transportation, flowers, photographer, etc. But don’t get stress and don’t be too strict on it. I mean fixing a budget is a must but things always come up. You probably spend a little bit more or less than you have planned but it’s not a big deal. Be flexible. At least you have a glimpse of how much it gonna cost and be prepared for it.

wedding setup

Be prepare & Get organized.

There is so, so many things for you to do, to prepare the wedding out of your dream and even take months or years to finish the preparation and everything. The best way to not messed things up is to make your own checklist ahead, noted everything you might need to do, and to be prepared for what need to be done first, and what can be wait. You can find some free printable wedding checklists on Pinterest, if you don’t want to list it out by yourself.

Select a date and book the venue.

Next step is to fix the date. Finalized your wedding day then find a good venue in a reasonable price to be your chosen one. Check the availability and everything, once you settle with the date and the venue, you will see more concept of how your wedding gonna be like. There are many five stars hotels who offer beach wedding but not everyone of them come with a good price and good service. Check out the reviews, to see if it worth your money or not.

beach wedding phuket

Rent the dress.

Find the right dress (definitely, not Vera Wang’s because we’re talking about a wedding on budget) There are so many bridal grown to be offer with a reasonable price. Renting a wedding grown is a way to go, because we’re not gonna wear it that often, right? And obviously a bridal grown is not an everyday look.

Do it yourself.

Make your wedding more memorable by personalized wedding favors by yourself, and of course it save the money that you might need to spend for the supplier. Here are some D.I.Y wedding favors ideas for you to try; Candle Jar   Wedding Snacks   Petit Succulents   Herb Soaps

DIY wedding favors

Hire a professional.

Planning everything by yourself is a big job and nearly impossible for someone who busy all the time or not into D.I.Y and planning things. The easiest way to escape from this project is to let the professional handle it, then you can just laid back, sit tight and wait for your special day to come. Phuketdreamwedding offered a variety of wedding packages to suit your style, taking care by a professional wedding planner with a reasonable price, and in the most dreamy scenery of Nakalay bay.