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Affordable Places to Eat in Phuket

Phuket is one of the largest islands in all of Thailand.  It is located on the Western Coast of Thailand and is surrounded by many other gorgeous little islands. There are many things do in Phuket like Hiking and Jungle Treks. Due to where it is located, Phuket has a very high climate. The temperature never falls below 30 Degrees Celsius. The island has an estimated population of about 500 000 people.


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Phuket is also the wealthiest province in Thailand due to high tourism. About 4.05 million tourists went there last year due to its hot climate. Many people come here for the amazing seafood at a great price. Phuket offers many floating restaurants that serve many different types of seafood. They can always be found along the East Coast of Phuket. If you head down to the Lock Tien Food Court you will find a very large variety of different foods. Many of these foods are hard to find anywhere else. Some meals include MeeHoonPah Chang (Fried Noodles with Pork Soup), and many others that contain noodles with fancy types of soup. There are many small fast-food stores that offer different types of rice, noodles and soup.


The places are nearly endless to where you can eat in Phuket. They are all very affordable and offer a wide variety of food. If you are looking for great cheap food you don’t need to look far. Many restaurants and fast-food shops have brightly coloured signs so they are easy to find. They speak the official language of Thailand, Thai, so make sure that you know how to say basic words like hello, please and thank you. Many people do know how to speak English, but if you go outside of the little city you might find yourself lost.



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Many tourists choose to visit Phuket because of they sandy beaches. Since Phuket is an island, there are enough beaches for everyone. Lots of tourists also visit this island due to the awesome waterfalls. The three main waterfalls are Kathu, Ton Sai and Bang Pae. They are very cool to look at as they come straight out of the jungle. There are many different things to do in Phuket and you will not be bored. Some things include water sports and trying all the different types of food.



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If you are considering going on a vacation to Phuket, I would highly recommend it. From all the things I have heard it looks very fun. The weather is just about always perfect and the food is amazing. There is so much scenery to enjoy and the sunsets in Phuket are beautiful. You can spend a day hiking up the mountains or spend your day in the jungle exploring instead. The food is amazing and is even affordable. Most restaurants are fast-food shops that dish out the food, so there never is much of a wait or a bill!


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