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The Best Nightlife in Phuket

Even if it isn’t known as one of the party capitals of the world, Phuket has very good nightlife, even by European or US standards. That nightlife is all focused on one street in one town – Bangla Road in Patong. Thanks to that one street, there is a huge demand for rooms in any Phuket resort near Patong, making it the most popular part of the island by far.

Along that one short road (it’s only about 500m in length), you will find several world-class nightclubs, great live music bars, cheap beer bars and more. The following are some of the highlights.


The cream of any nightlife is, of course, the clubs. In Patong, the most popular is Illuzion, which regularly sees world-famous DJs taking to the grand stage with its massive LED screens. The music is generally house and EDM, but with some hip-hop nights each week. The dance floor is pretty big and regularly packed and there are no shortages of bars – at least six dotted around the venue.


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Seduction is the other big name in Phuket and is, coincidentally, pretty much right across the road from Illuzion. Between them, there is plenty of fun to be had and you can easily find getting back to your Phuket resort near Patong in the very early hours after a great night of dancing.


Live Music

Electronic music isn’t your thing? No problem – check out the great live bands at Red Hot bar, right at the top of Bangla Road. A long-established venue, the house band plays great rock and pop hits and really get the crowd jumping from about 10pm onwards. The New York Live Music club has also been around a long time and still keeps on rocking.


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A relative newcomer to the scene, Monsoon club has become very popular very quickly, possibly because of their great deals on local beers, but the band there is also great at pleasing the crowd, so it is always packed. Just remember to have the name of your Phuket resort near Patong written down so that the taxi knows where to drop you off.


Phuket resort near Patong


Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa is an excellent choice of hotel in Phuket for those who want to enjoy Patong’s nightlife, but not necessarily its daylife. Being the most popular destination on the island, the city itself is busy and bustling, which isn’t really what you want in a beach holiday. However, just a short 5 minutes drive north of town, Thavorn Beach Village Resort is situated on a private beach, has one of the biggest swimming pools in Southeast Asia, has an outstanding beach restaurant, a great spa and beautiful comfortable rooms – everything you need to recharge for another night on Bangla Road!

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