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Common Myths About Family Travel in Phuket Debunked

Common Myths About Family Travel in Phuket Debunked

Having a family – even quite a big one – doesn’t need to be the end of your long-haul travels around the world. It is, sadly, very easy to be dissuaded from booking a stay at a Phuket family resort for fear of overwhelming expense, the need for more planning and organisation than the D-Day landings and the threat of so much stress that you’ll need to take a holiday just to get over your holiday.


However, family travel doesn’t need to be like this. There is plenty you can do to take the sting out, making visiting somewhere like Thailand a breeze, even with numerous young ones in tow. The following are popular myths which may be preventing you from clicking the “book now” button, but which really shouldn’t be. As the name implies, they are myths – ie. not true.



Bringing up a family is a stressful endeavour – there’s no denying that. Trying to keep track of what two or three energetic individuals are doing and trying to keep them all safe and entertained is a big ask.


Stressful Common Myths, Family in Phuket


However, Phuket family resorts are designed to take as much of that stress out as possible. Safety is assured by attentive staff and a semi-secluded and private setting while entertainment is provided by excellent facilities, including a kids club with a busy daily itinerary.


It’s only a holiday for the kids

A stay in a Phuket family resort is not like a stay at Disney World or similar theme park hotels around the world. A good resort should be able to combine attractions both for the kids and the parents, ensuring that everyone has the ability to enjoy themselves in different ways.


a holiday for the kids in Phuket


In the case of Thavorn Beach Village Resort, you are not only staying in a Phuket resort near Patong, with all of the attractions the famous party city holds, but you have the aforementioned kids stuff balanced with the extremely romantic beachfront dining of Old Siam Restaurant as well as the outstanding spa and a swim-up bar in the pool, all to ensure that everyone is going to have a good time.



While a good Phuket family resort with first-class facilities designed to ensure adults and children alike can enjoy themselves is certainly not going to be in the same price range as a weekend break at your local bed & breakfast, it also need not cost you the earth. Apart from anything else, Thailand generally has a low cost of living, making pretty much everything cheaper than it would be in Europe, the US, Australia and other western countries. You won’t need to break into the college fund to enjoy a couple of weeks in paradise with the family.


shopping, shop in Phuket



Think about it, though. What is there really to plan? Most nationalities get visas on arrival at Phuket International Airport, the island has no special inoculation requirements, transport and tours are easily arranged through your hotel concierge and most childcare necessities are widely available in Thailand, so you don’t even need too much luggage. All there is left to do is book your flights and find a good Phuket family resort, like Thavorn Beach Village Resort.


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