How to Cure Jet Lag

Anyone who flies through multiple time zones .You can’t avoid jet lag,
Jet lag is caused by disruption to our body’s circadian rhythm which is a 24 hours cycle responsible for daily physical, mental and behavioral changes. The cycle is influenced by our exposure to daylight.

Jet lag symptoms can included; Insomnia ,Drowsiness, Muscle aches, Irritability and Difficulty concentrating.

We will offer easy way to avoid JET LAG

1. Prepare yourself before travelling by relaxing, exercise before travelling 2-3 days.



2. Travelling in the day time to reduce the feeling from jet lag.




3. Drink a lot of water during your flight that aren’t going to dehydrate you and avoid coffee, caffeinated and alcohol.

Drink Water



4. Bring earplugs and a sleep mask, these can help you fall asleep.

Ear Plug , Sleep Mash



5. Move around and be active. Get as much bright light during the morning and afternoon as possible to help your body’s clock adjust.



6.Take a cold shower to make you relax and refresh.




7.Good massage to expedite your recovery 120 minutes cure for Jet Lag at Chann Spa