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Beach Holiday with a Baby, Family Holiday in Phuket

How to Survive a Beach Holiday with a Baby

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to enjoy a restful beach holiday when travelling with small children. Those two situations – a restful couple of weeks on a beach and travelling with children – may seem completely incompatible, but it can be done, particularly if you pick a good Phuket family resort, plan carefully and prepare yourself fully. The following are a few suggestions of things to think about.


No napping in the sun

As appealing as it may sound to you, the reality is that your kids are not likely to take a nap in the warm embrace of a shady spot on the beach. With their more delicate skin and bodies, children favour the climate-controlled coolness of the hotel room. Of course, that means that they’ll be fully awake during the day, so you shouldn’t expect to do much snoozing in the sun yourself, either.


No napping in the sun


Stay close to the beach

With all of the stuff you need to carry with you for the kids – from nappies and changing mat to beach toys, towels, sunscreen, a change of clothes, a second change of clothes and more – you don’t want to have to be hiking a long distance to the beach. Fortunately, there is no shortage of good Phuket beach resorts, some with direct access to their own private beach.


Keep hydrated

Sounds pretty obvious, yes, but don’t forget that your kids will dehydrate much faster in a tropical climate, so you should never be too far away from a bottle of water. Again, a good Phuket family resort is your friend, in this situation, with the attentive staff always around to take drinks orders.


Keep hydrated water


Pool or Beach?

Both have their advantages. Beaches are more fun, but pools are safer and more controlled. The sea has more fewer chemicals in it, but the pool has fewer sharp rocks and direct access to poolside dining. You could debate over which you favour, or you could just pick a hotel with both and decide on the day.


Change the sea nappy fast

Once you and your baby emerge from the sea, change the nappy as quickly as possible, before it dries out. Forget, and the crust of sea salt which forms will create a nightmarish nappy rash!


How to change a nappy


Good facilities are worth the cost

A Phuket family resort with first-class facilities will probably not be the cheapest option available, but that little extra expense goes a very long way. With attentive staff, a kids club, cribs and extra bedding available and rooms right by a private beach, Thavorn Beach Village Resort is one of the best. It is also home to one of the biggest swimming pools in Phuket, as well as outstanding restaurants and spas for parents to enjoy.