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kamala beach phuket

Kamala Beach Review – one of the best 5 Phuket beaches

Kamala Beach Review

Phuket beaches are a huge draw for travelers to Phuket in the Southwest of Thailand. Phuket Island is just small to drive around a day of sightseeing, and there are great numbers of different beaches along the way to choose. There are the main beaches such as Kata and Patong beach together with a number of smaller and hidden beaches avoiding the tourist hoards. Fifteen minutes north of the noise and bright lights of Patong beach lays the Kamala Beach, a relaxing beach experience. Kamala is a long stretch of beach that is surrounded by the steeped tree and headlands covered gills beyond.

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Loma roundabout Patong beach

Kamala Beach review has the main road from Patong to south, and head up to Surin. To the west of the main road would be the tourist village and beach, as well as the east of the main road where long term ex-pats and locals can be seen. The main road itself is obviously a main road and there is nothing special to see, with several shops and girl bars. The main village has a winding road through with a couple of bars, number of restaurants, and some shops. There are a disproportionate number of tailors in the Kamala Beach review so you can see the quality works of tailors from Kamala.




Kamala Beach Bars & restaurants

To the south end of the Kamala Beach review and the winding headland, you will see the millionaire’s row, which is hosting some of the best luxury private villas and hotels at Phukets. Among the best and luxury hotels that you can find along the Kamala Beach.

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Kamala Beach is 2 kilometers long

The beach is around 2 kilometers long and the local business owners generally clean it. In this Kamala Beach review, you will realize just how things and attractions you can enjoy along the Kamala Beach. You can hire boards from the surf shop back from the beach in Surin. The main tourist area is closest to the best with so much older expats living in the hills away from the beach. Moreover, Kamala is home to Phuket FantaSea, which is a necessary visit for most tourists to Phuket most especially if they have kids. The show is great and it is one of the largest attractions on the Kamala Beach review. Kamala beach is one of the best 5 Phuket beaches for tourists, in accordance to Kamala Beach review.


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