Organic Vegetable Garden Phuket (Part 2)

Organic Vegetable Garden Phuket (Part 1). Please visit as link:

This organic vegetable garden at Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa has been created in order to follow the royal word related to the sufficiency economy  of King Bhumibol Adulyadej by having the idea of the policy from the way that His Majesty has done many royal duties for Thailand much. Vegetables that are cultivated, will be as follows;


5) The bird’s eye chili has the origin from South Africa. There is importing into Thailand since

the beginning of the Krungsri Ayudhya era. The chili is full with vitamin and other minerals

liked vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron, the dietary fibre etc.



-The chili has the antioxidant that will help to slow down the age.

-helps to have the good feeling, will make the body to create the endorphin substance

(the happiness substance)

-helps to strengthen the immunity to have more strong.

-Vitamin C helps to strengthen the collagen in the body.

-helps in nourishing and treating eyes.



6) The Holy basil has been set as one king of the herb that has medicinal properties to help to treat

many kinds of diseases both Thai recipe and foreign recipe that specifies that the basil is the

herb that has many sides of properties and in overseas, there is using of  the basil in treating

the disease broadly especially in India, this is held that the basil is the medicine to treat every

disease and this will still be set as the queen of herbs or the elixir of life also.



-uses to make the elixir of life.

-helps to make the body warm and protect the cold symptom.

-The basil is the ingredient of many kinds of herbs such as, the medicine for malnutrition treatment for the child, the medicine solution for the child etc.

-The dried root will be brought to brew or boil with the hot water to drink to help to solve

the disability element disease.

-helps to nourish the fire element.


7) The lettuce, in the current situation, there is the cultivation of the lettuce in order to use in

the consumption of 3 big kinds such as, the leaf lettuce, the head lettuce, the trunk lettuce.

In Thailand, the leaf lettuce will be popular to cultivate and consume more than other kinds

of lettuces.


-The lettuce has many kinds of antioxidants. This will help in protecting and resisting the cancer.

-The juice from all of the trunk will be brought to cook to nourish the body.

-helps in sleeping, this will make the mind in peace and relax. This will solve the easy bad


-The lettuce is full with the iron element that will help to strengthen the blood cell or the



8) The morning glory is the food for the health that we will always familiar all the time. This will

help in nourishing eyes. But really, this kind of the vegetable will still have the benefit more

than that because this is full with vitamin and important minerals that Thailand will divide

to be 2 main species that are Thai morning glory and Chinese morning glory. Mostly, Chinese

morning glory is popular to cultivated and sold because the trunk is rather white. There is

the soft green leaf, the white flower. This has less rubber than Thai morning glory. This will

be popular in eating more.



-has the part to help to make the skin to be shined and fresh, to be looked healthy.

-has the antioxidant that helps in slowing down the age, the old age and slowing down the

creation of the wrinkle of the age.

-has the part to help the creation or reduces the birth rate of the cancer disease.

-helps to nourish eyes, treats the eye symptom, strawberry eyes, the pinkeye, the myopia,

the itch in eyes often.

-helps to nourish the element.