Organic Vegetable Garden Phuket (Part 1)

This organic vegetable garden has been created in order to follow the royal word related to the sufficiency economy  of King Bhumibol Adulyadej by having the idea of the policy from the way that His Majesty has done many royal duties for Thailand much. We would like to induce to bring the philosophy of the sufficiency economy to adjust to use. This organic vegetable garden can be the knowledge source for customers of the hotel to know about the information and properties of other vegetables and this still can keep to bring to cook the lunch to fee staffs also. Vegetables that are cultivated, will be as follows;


1) The roselle that is the bush that has the height approximately at 50-180 cm. There are many species. The trunk, the fruit and the branch have the red purple color. This will reproduce the method of using the seed.



-The sepal of the flower or the remaining sepal that the fruit will be used as the hypolipidemic agent and helps to reduce the weight.

-The roselle helps to dissolve the fat in the blood vessel.

-The seed will be used as the nourishing pill, the tonic.

-This will help to treat the diabetes. This helps to reduce the blood pressure.


2) The eggplant is set as the herbaceous plant species that is full with the vitamin and the needed mineral for the body such as, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin P,  calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, the glycolalkaloid substance and the antioxidant liked the turpin substance etc.


-Has the antioxidant.

-Helps to protect and treat the scurvy.

-Has the contribution to strengthen the working the nerve system and the brain, develops the memory.

-Uses as the painkiller with using the dried fruit to bring to make the pill to eat to relieve the pain.

-Helps to expectorate with using the dried fruit to bring to make the pill to eat to relieve the pain.

-Uses to relieve the toothache, the decayed tooth.


3) The Mentha (Mint), besides, this will bring to eat together with the meat already, currently there is bringing the Metha (Mint) to be the mixture of the dessert liked the ice-cream, the frozen drink, the tea also. In the lemon balm is full with many medicinal properties due to in the lemon balm has the menthol substance or the active substance that will help to extinguish the hot toxic in the body.



-Helps to make the skin moist with bringing the lemon balm to grind and bring to apply to the skin.

-Helps to get rid of free radicals from the body.

-Uses as the cold medicine to extinguish the hot and release the sweat in the body.

-Helps to nourish and treat eyes.

-Helps to reduce dark circles under eyes with bringing the lemon balm to grind to be broken into pieces.


4) The cucumber or the long cucumber has the native land in India. This is popular to cultivate in order to use the fruit to be the food. There is the age since the cultivation until to the harvesting for 30-45 days. The cucumber can bring to cook many types of foods such as, the soup, frying to eat with the chilli sauce or may process to be in the form of the cucumber.


-The cucumber has properties to help to appease, reduce the hot in the body. This will make the body fresh and helps to increase the moisture.

-Helps to get rid of the waste that is remained in the body.

-The cucumber has the phenol that has the duty to resist other free radicals.

-The fruit and the soft seed has the active substance to help to resist the cancer.

-Helps to reduce the blood pressure.

-Helps to treat other balances in the body, treats the sugar level in the blood.