Phuket Ecotourism

Phuket Ecotourism

Phuket well known as the stunning beach, night life and diving activity, but Phuket has the other tourism part which is the ecotourism. Learn more Phuket, learn more Phuketian life and the livelihood


Bang Rong Community

Bangrong Community Phuket

Bang Rong community is the important community in Thalang history. Bang Rong community has a plentifully mangrove forest, most of the people make a living as agriculture and fisheries.  The tourist activities such as cruise along the mangrove forest, bike tour around the village, visit the goat farm and visit the ancient remains.


Kha-Nan Community

Baan Kha-Nan Community - Phuket Ecotourism

Baan Kha-Nan is the ancient village since Ayutthaya period, there is the history relate with Phuket’s heroines – Thao Thep Krasatri and Thao Sri Sunthorn. From the restore an old temple, brought in the restoration of local culture, local cuisine, ceremonies, music and many other ancient performances. The tourist activities such as learning Phuket culture, try “Norabic”- the exercise that apply to Nora Phuket performing arts and modern exercise.

MaiKhao Community

MaiKhao Community - Phuket Ecotourism

Mai Khao Beach is the place for the 5 stars luxury resorts. Before Mai Khao Beach is the place for the sea turtle lay eggs. But due to human trespass cause the sea turtle lay eggs area less. Then the Phuketien has organized the sea turtles conserve project at Maikhao Beach, by collecting turtle eggs to hatch and release into the sea. There are traditionally to releasing turtles in every April 13 of each year.