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Moo Dang : Phuket Motorbike Rental

Riding a motorbike around the paradise island, Phuket beach to beach is a joyful activity. It is easy, just go to Phuket motorbike rental and go. However, at least you should learn the traffic rule for safety trip in Phuket Thailand.

“Moo Dang” in Thai means the “red pork”. Normally we eat with noodle or rice. But for some case when the tourist who riding a motorbike around Phuket island without any shirt or protection, helmet (as the picture) and sadly accident happened we’ll use the word “Moo Dang” to describe fresh lesion. So please don’t forget to wear your helmet and all protection, plan your journey, ride safely and then enjoy your trip!

May the joy of ride be with you ^_^


Cr main photo: http://8milesfromhome.com/post/51548470739/renting-big-bikes-in-chiang-mai