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Phuket road trip : Gasoline in the Whiskey Bottles !

Traveling around Phuket from beach to beach is easy; just rent a car or motorcycle and give yourself a ride. But hold on, for Phuket road trip it is recommended to always fill your vehicle up before starting your trip. It is hard to find a gas station in Phuket since there are a couple of gas stations open 24-7 while some are available to 10 pm. Each gas station stands far from each other. Though running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is among drivers’ biggest fears, but this could not be happened while you’re in Phuket even though you’re new to the area. Gasoline in whiskey bottles, apart from hand-operated pump, is of the most surprising thing you will see!

Don’t get fooled when seeing some of well-known whiskey bottles containing red, green, or yellow liquid sitting on roadside stands with the incredibly cheap price around 30-40 bath per bottle; they’re not liquor but gasoline. Don’t try to drink it! In Thailand, especially in Phuket, 1 liter of gasoline is filled up in the glass bottle for sale. This is convenient for motorcyclists or car driver who are running out of gasoline on their way to gas station as well.

Have fun

Have a good  Phuket road trip ^^

CR Photo : http://www.brunomaestrini.com/blog/2016/8/10/sihanoukville