Thai Massage at Chann Spa

Thai Massage

The Thai Massage

The Thai massage has found over 2500 years ago by  Shivago Komarpaj, who was a physician of Buddha. His knowledge of the herbal medicine was extraordinary! then he mixed that skill with the massage to treat the people including the Buddha.

The normal Thai massage does not use oil or lotion, just generally pressed follow designated of the body line to release the stressful of the muscles.

Chann Signature Massage

Chann Spa Treament

Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa also have the specialize therapist on the tradition Thai massage, one in our CHAAN spa menu is the signature massage, that combined the tradition Thai Massage with the Oil massage to serve the guest who never tries Thai massage before. The normal Thai massage was very hard and stresses that make the body hurts, but this signature massage not much hurts the guest as its begin of the harder and finishing with releasing the stress away.