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Private Getaway at Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa

After staying in Bangkok for 3 days, we are continuing the rest of our journey by flying to Phuket. We leave our hotel at noon and head to the airport; flight to Phuket from Bangkok takes only 1.5 hours so there is no rush in our plan at all. To fly from Bangkok to Phuket, we take a budgeted flight called Nok Air to save up our budget, honestly, I love flying budgeted flight (for the obvious reason that it is very cheap). The only problem with budgeted flight is that you have to manage your baggage allowance, but as I fly budgeted flight internationally quite a few times before, it is not a problem for me (though apparently, it is to foreigners as they might not have budgeted flights in their countries?). The round trip flight via Nok Air I bought is around 80 USD, with baggage fee and tax included, which is quite a fair deal considering we bought it just a week ago.

Once we arrive in Phuket, we head straight to our resort and check-in. We are staying in Phuket for 5 days, for the first 2 nights we are staying in Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa, locating right next to Patong. The hotel’s location is spectacular, one reason is that it has its own private beach and it is very near Patong beach so we can gain easy access to beaches; second is that it is very near Patong and city center, which we can tour around the city easily. The location gives us the best of both worlds, to relax on a private beach during our vacation while exploring the city life and nightlife in Phuket at the same time.

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The hotel is known for its private beach and varieties of room types– hillside, pool access, and beach access. This time we will be staying in the beach cottage with beach access; there are numerous features that I love from the beach cottages they have, not to mention I have never stayed in a cottage before, so there are plenty of good reasons for me to choose a beach cottage.

Our room is pretty big, comes with a daybed by the window for us to relax, a terrace, a wardrobe area, a vanity table and a separate toilet area. The best part of it? The semi-open bathroom. I have never stayed in any hotels with semi-open or open bathroom, and I know it is THE thing right now that everyone is dying to have during their vacation; it is usually available in Bali only, so I am very excited for this semi-open bathroom experience. The bathroom comes with 2 sinks and a huge shower area, it has nets to prevent mosquitoes to fly in while letting the sunlight in. But the nets aren’t helping a lot as there are still cracks that insects can fly in, thank god they have a device in the room that prevents and kills the insects. The bathroom isn’t very well lit, especially during cloudy days, though it looks amazing during sunny days and I did not waste any of that morning time to take all the mind-blowing photos I need. I have to say that the bathroom is amazing, it is definitely a new experience and to get closer to nature.

Private, Getaway, Holiday,Vacation , Phuket, Beachfront Cottage,
Private, Getaway,Vacation, holiday, Phuket,ThavornBeach,Beach Cottage, Beachfront Cottage
The resort is really big and has quite a lot to do inside, it is divided into 3 parts, the beachside, the hillside and the pool. I have never really gotten the time to check out their hillside but I know that they provide a hillside cable car for guests to experience the jungle. Their lagoon pool is very big and beautiful, with a pool bar by the side that serves creative and amazing cocktails. By the pool bar, there is a grassy area with beanbags for us to enjoy our drinks. We enjoy quite a lot of drinks during happy hour, the deal they offer there is a great one for a pool bar in a resort. For their private beach, it is not the best beach I have seen, sands are not particularly soft and water is not particularly clear; but what can I say, it is a PRIVATE beach! It is very hard to find a beach in Phuket without a lot of people on it, and their private beach is perfect for us to relax and suntan. There also is a dock on the beach which I believe would look beautiful in a sunrise. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating, there is a rainstorm during our stay so we do not get to enjoy the beach for a long time.One interesting part about the resort is that it is like a zoo! Yep, you heard me, there are a lot of animals in the resort for the guests to have fun with. During low tide, the beach is like a wetland, you will be able to spot a lot of sea creatures if you stroll along the beach. The resort also has different kinds of animals like parrots, rabbits, and tortoise, they will be out to walk around the resort twice a day, at around 11am and 3pm. I am such an animal lover that I spent a long time playing with the parrots and the tortoise, I also get to feed the parrots. I do not get to see tortoise around normally so seeing these animals and playing with them is such great fun and definitely a wonderful experience.

The resort also offers various activities and lessons. Although we do not have the chance to try out kayaking and watersports on the beach due to the weather, we do have our first taste in learning Muay Thai. The instructor is really friendly and teaches us some basic skills and moves in Muay Thai, which is somewhat similar to boxing. Before the sky starts raining, we had some training outdoor on the beach, which we get to unleash our “beasts” follow up with an intense workout. The lesson is amazing and I definitely learned a lot, it is also great to have the time to work out as we have been so lazy since our holiday started.

Besides all these fun activities, it also offers a beachside dinner, which is probably the most romantic thing for couples to do. Sadly I am traveling with my cousins so we chose something else, but I am sure it will be a great dining experience if I visit again with my partner.

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CR : Ms. Sherry Au, www.beneaththemeadow.com