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Tachai Island One Day trip – Phuket Trip

Tachai Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in South Thailand, is situated between Similan and Surin National Marine Parks, 135 km north-west of Phuket and 70 km west of Khao Lak. It is known as the Maldives of Thailand with wonderful quiet white sandy beaches and stunning crystal clear waters the snorkel sites around the Island are one of the most amazing coral reefs.


Highlights of Tachai Island

1.“chicken crabs” a hero of the island. This crab is a large freshwater crabs who live along the He cried like a crab named Kai.




2.white sandy beach and crystal clear blue waters


Cr: Love Andaman


3.It is considered to be one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Thailand. It has beautiful corals with many large fish. The easiest way is to buy One day trip from the tour. Tour companies will have a van pick up from hotel in the morning to the port of Ban Nam Khem – Thap Lamu pier province of Phang Nga from the pier to Koh Ta Chai boat speed boat takes one hour and a half – two hours long. Distance 85 km, and the evening was a van came back to the hotel.


Cr: http://talaythai.weebly.com


How to go… Good to know before you go.

1.Tachai island open in 1st November until 15 th May in every year.

2.National Marine Park is not open to stay overnight on the island.

Photos give you an impression what you will see and go !


Cr main photo: https://pantip.com/topic/31007812