Thai Wedding Ceremony

Different country have their own wedding culture, deeply root with history and tradition. Thailand is by no means any exception! But the Thai wedding has a rather complicated ceremony and many in details. Here are some important ceremonies of Thai traditional wedding.

1. Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
The religion ceremony to be blessed luck to bride and groom.

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
















2. Show the respect
To show the respect and apologized for their parents

Pay respect to the bride and groom's parents

3. Rod Nam Sang (Shell Ceremony)
The bride and groom seated next to each other joined by the garland. Guests used the special conch shell to pour water over and give the couples blessing.

Shell Ceremony

4. Thai Wedding Reception
After the guest pouring water and give a wish to the couples, it is normal to invited the guest to eat and get together. This part is similar like the western ceremony that can be range from the simple table or the full party with dance games.

Thai Wedding Reception

Because of the tradition Thai wedding ceremony has many procedure, Thus the most Thai couples combined the Thai ceremony with the western ceremony nowadays for an easy and match with their lifestyle!