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Top 10 Must-Try Thai Dishes To Try In Phuket

Thai dishes are some of the most savory and flavorful dishes many try to replicate. When you are in Phuket it can be difficult to find traditional Thai cuisine, since the area caters to a number of tourist that want more options and variety of dishes to sample. These dishes, however, are some of the best Thai dishes you will want to search out and try when you visit Phuket.


Thai Dishes To Try In Phuket:


1.) Por Pia

Por Pia are a type of spring roll, usually filled with pork, shrimp, lettuce and turnip. They are most commonly served with a with brown sauce over top or on the side for dipping.



2.) Mee Hokkien

This noodle dish is mixed with red pork, squid and fresh vegetables. It is all tossed together in a brown gravy sauce.



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3.) Som Tam

This is a highly recommended must try dish in Phuket. Som Tam is a spicy papaya salad that will vary from place to place. Some are served on more of the sweet side, others more on the sour side. It consist of shredded green papaya, local spices and can be served with BBQ chicken and sticky rice.



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4.) Lo Ba

A more daring dish to try is the Lo Ba. This appetizer or snack course consists of fried pork giblets. Ears, intestines, fat belly and other bits and pieces are fried up and served with a sweet brown sauce.



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5.) Homok Tolay

You want to give this simple dish a try. A spicy fish mousse curry is wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. The mousse can come with some strong flavors and be on the spicy side, but is a must try in the Phuket area.



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6.) Tom Kha Gai

Tom kaa Gai is a refreshing and delicate soup dish in Phuket. It combines coconut milk, lemongrass, galangai (part of the ginger family) and chicken in a sweet, flavorful broth.



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7.) Krapow Moo

This traditional Thai dish combines pork, chicken or beef with basil leaves and chilli. This dish is often served with steamed rice and completed with a fried egg. It is typically a flavorful and incredibly spicy dish so be cautious.



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8.) Massaman Curry

This dish draws upon a number of flavor influences. It resembles more of a stew with beef and potatoes being the main focus. It is a spicy dish that incorporates a red chili bold flavor and is often served with steamed rice to help tame the heat. Cashews and peanuts are also mixed in the curry as is a common ingredient in most Thai dishes.



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9.) O-Eaw

For something sweet to cool you off try the O-Eaw. This jelly like dish is made from banana, shaved ice and syrup.



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10.) Deep Fried, Insects

For a light snack you can find a variety of deep fried bugs at most venders in Phuket. Silk worms, grasshoppers, scorpions and king fire ants are some of the most common insects you can find on a stick. Try them with a little soy sauce for additional flavor.



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