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Wedding gift Ideas for Bride and Groom

Looking forward for your best friends or relatives wedding day ? Have no idea what to buy for them ?

We’re all know that it’s important to never show up empty-handed on the wedding day. So, Here I am with 5 ideas of what you should buy for the soon-to-be bride and groom that will actually impressed them.


1. Luxury Hotel Vouchers

This will be the perfect gift for the bride and gloom who doesn’t plan on any honeymoon trip yet. Give them free vouchers to celebrate the marriage and to have a memorable honeymoon at a luxury hotel. This must be costly, but surely they will be very excited to go on this trip and thanking you for it later.

beach front cottage


2. Romantic Dinner

Less costly but still a lovely gift for the couple, you can either book a special romantic dinner at a luxury hotel for them or give them a voucher for it. Either way, will impress them. This gift is perfect for the couple who are not planning to vacation for the honeymoon.


romantic dinner


3. Wine

Give them bottles of wine or champagnes of their preference with a cute tags hanging on each bottle to give them best wishes from you, and for them to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful married life together.


wine tags


4. Personalized gifts

This can be a wide range of items; pillow cases, cute wooden boxes, key chains, or even printed shirts. Choose what you think the couple will like.



5. Money

Okay… This might look like a no-brainer idea for a gift, but honestly… who doesn’t like money ? And wedding ceremony these days is just extremely costly; wedding venue fee, bridal dress, bridal makeups, groom suit, bridesmaid dresses, flower bouquets, foods, and the list goes on and on. This gift will be a little help for the bride and groom and they will be appreciated for your gift  soon later.