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What to Do in Kamala Beach Phuket Part 2

Are you taking a trip to stay in one of the gorgeous Kamala resorts in Phuket, Thailand but don’t know what to do in Kamala Beach? There are a lot of interesting places to visit and unique activities for you or your family. New experiences and fun times are always there for you to take advantage of, you just have to know where to look! Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most fun and interesting things to do in Kamala Beach Phuket:


1.  Phuket FantaSea

This place is one of a kind in Phuket island. It’s been voted as one of Thailand’s best attractions for four years in a row now and you won’t find any other place like it. Every night they put on a cultural show that gives you an exciting and exotic taste of Thai heritage and traditions. It’s a must-see destination while you’re in Phuket!

Cr: http://www.phuket-fantasea.com/eng/fun/downloads.php


2. Snorkeling & Diving

You’ll have your choice between all sorts of different diving companies, but there are such beautiful things to see off of Kamala Beach that you would really be missing out if you didn’t take the chance to go diving down below the surface of the Adaman Sea. The clear waters are perfect for observing all sorts of diverse undersea wildlife and crazy colorful saltwater plants.


Cr: http://www.ecodivingcentre.com/slide/snorkeling/


3. Kamala Beer Garden

Need an adults-only outing while you’re on vacation? This bar is one of the most famous in Kamala for its great tastes and fun atmospheres. Even the locals enjoy the Kamala Beergarden, so don’t think that it’s just a tourist attraction! Enjoy Kamala in style with quality food, drinks, and maybe even some live entertainment on the weekends.

Cr: http://rooseveltdenver.com/drinks/


4. Kamala Beach Gallery

If you want to spend some time on a serene beach that doesn’t have all the noise and hubbub from the Patong city crowd, head over to the Kamala Beach Phuket Gallery and set up your umbrella here. It’s one of the most beautifully preserved areas set aside for anyone that wants a good time in a quiet atmosphere.


Cr: https://www.expedia.co.nz/Kamala-Beach-Phuket.d6176433.Attraction


5. Spa Days

What good is it going to an incredible tropical location if you don’t spend at least a little bit of time pampering yourself? In Kamala you have your choice of some world-class spa treatments in the local resorts as well as in the beachside towns. This could be just what you need to loosen up and truly enjoy your vacation to the fullest!



6. Pang Chang Kamala

How often do you get to ride an elephant around on an Phuket island safari? This could be the highlight of your trip if you enjoy adventures with large wildlife and amazing mountain and jungle scenery. There is so much to see in Kamala that you won’t believe your eyes when you start this fun-filled journey. Be sure to take a sturdy camera to capture the best moments of the tour to keep with you forever! This is a great activity for families looking to entertain active children during the day.


Cr: http://www.pangchangkamala.com/