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Why Holidays Are Good For You

As much as it might sound like a platitude, taking a break every now and again is good for. Holidays and travel, in particular, have actual medical benefits and will help you stay healthy and sane for the rest of the year. Here are some of the ways a visit to a Phuket beach resort can benefit you.


Emotional Recharge

Author Wallace J. Nichols’s book Blue Mind notably points out that being in, under or near the water can make you happier and healthier. He says: “Often associated with feelings of awe and wonder, water can boost our empathy and compassion, our connection to ourselves and those we are with, and for many…it’s a steady source of creativity and insight.” Naturally, a holiday on the beach will help you get that empathy boost, particularly if you normally live in a big city or far from the coast.


Improve Fitness

If fitness is a big part of your life, a holiday will normally be a major disruption to your routines. Fortunately, many Phuket beach resorts now have first class fitness facilities, so the disruption can be reduced. However, for those who spend most of their time sat in an office, a holiday is a big boost to your fitness. Between walking on the beach, swimming in the sea or pool, exploring markets and attractions and eating healthy local cuisine, there are lots of opportunities to get a workout without even realising it. And that’s not even counting the urge to get beach-body ready!


Improve Fitness, Phuket Beach


Better Rest

A normal working life often features high stress days and short, sleepless nights, which can lead to a lot of negative effects on your efficiency and ability to think clearly. With all of the worries of work left hundreds of miles behind, a holiday at a Phuket beach resort is a great opportunity to catch up on essential sleep, which will be made all the deeper and more effective by the reduced stress.


All of the Above

Thavorn Beach Village Resort, near Patong, is the ideal Phuket beach resort for a healthy break. Being right on the coast, in the privacy of Nakalay Bay, it is right by the sea, as well as being home to one of the biggest freeform swimming pools in Southeast Asia. It has its own private beach to walk on, excellent wellness facilities and leisure equipment, and several first-class restaurants for healthy local cuisine. Most importantly of all, the airy, spacious rooms have absolutely fantastic beds.


Thavorn beach village and spa, Old Siam