GubGib&Bie KPN wedding party in Woody Talk


“Woody” Milintachinda is a Thai radio and TV presenter, he joined 88 Peak FM as the nation’s first bilingual deejay. In 2003, he became a VJ at MTV Thailand. In 2004, Woody founded his own company under the name Double U Network Co., Ltd. In 2009 it was renamed to Woody World Co., Ltd. His most successful show is The Woody Show or Woody Kerd Ma Kui (วู้ดดี้ เกิดมาคุย) which was aired in early 2008. Though not a conventional talk show, it would lead the audience to the unexpected stories about celebrities that might not been told anywhere else. In 2010, Woody started to produce a show called Woody Daily or Chao Doo Woody (Thai: เช้าดูวู้ดดี้) (since renamed to Wake Up to Talk or Tuen Ma Kui (Thai)) which airs 5 days a week at 8 to 8:45am on Modernnine TV. It differs from his previous shows in that he discusses “talk of the town” topics for each day.

For GubGib & Bie KPN after party at Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa Phuket on 24 January 2016 also showed in Chao Doo Woody in the next day.

Thank you Khun Woody to joined the party and visited Thavorn Beach Village.

IG woodytalk / Wikipedia