Celebrating Diversity in Phuket's Festivals

Loy Kratong Festival

Loy Krathong is a Thai annually Festival to ask the forgive from Pra Mae Khongkha because we use the water to drink, destroy the river or throw rubbishes into the water.

Loy Krathong in Thailand originated in Sukhothai period as “Loy Phra Pra Teip” (floating lantern), it is the Hindu ceremony for appeasing a spirit to God Shiva, Narayana and Brahma. After that Noppamas – the most favorite concubines Sukhothai king has created the first Krathong in lotus shape for floated in the river instead of floating lantern. It used to worshipping the foot-print of Buddha at Nammathanati River in Thakkhinabodh district, India.

Phuket has many famous places for Loy Krathong such as Patong Beach, Rawai Beach, Naiharn Beach, Chalong Pier and Sapanhin – there are many activities at Loy Krathong night that the tourist can enjoy.

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Countdown in Phuket

Best place to countdown in Phuket

Bangla Road
Bangla is the central street in Patong where the party takes place. Every bar, pub and restaurant have special decoration and offers on this night. If you don’t have a plan and looking for the 100% wild party for New Year, Bangla Road will be the best choice!

Private Beach Party
Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa offering the romantic beach dining experience with special chef menu created on the New Year’s Eve night. Include the full entertainments such as live DJ, the special show on the beachfront! The foods are serving in the buffet including the Phuket Lobster!

Phuket Old Town
This year, Phuket Tourism Authority of Thailand held an event “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2018 @phuket”. The countdown under the theme “Retro Modern” and will take place in the Phuket historic old town at the watchtower – the building near Standard Charter Bank.

Christmas day

The story in the legend, this is the birth of Santa Claus in the Christmas day

This is near the Christmas festival already. The festival that Santa Claus has patrolled to distribute gifts. This has the belief that many people especially for the Christian people that will prepare to do something special. They have to celebrate the Christmas day with the family. Today, we will go to know about the real Santa Claus better.

Santa Claus, this is person that has the origin of the legend, the myth, the history and the local legend according to the western culture for many countries. This can say that he is the person who has brought gifts to houses of good kids in the evening time and this will cross the night of the Christmas Eve on December 24.

The real origin of Santa!

The story of the story has told that there is one child that has born in the Mira village. At that past era, this village has been located between the Rhodes island and Cyprus. This is near the Mediterranean sea in Turkey. In the era of the 4th century, currently, tourists have admired to sail the cruise to admire the atmosphere. This boy has the name of, “Nicholas”, (Saint Nicholas of Myra).

His life will live on the gold division because his parent is in the grade of the wealthy person. This has hesitated that he will do the good merit from the last nation but in the good luck. This have still the bad luck. In a short time, his parent have passed away.  All properties will be under of him only. But this is strange that Nicholas has become to have the generosity for the poor people. He would like to distribute the property to help the hard-suffering people or he may find the truth that actually, the money is the assumption thing. The happiness in the mind has the value more because it can’t evaluate.

At that time, the family of one old poor man is facing the problem with 3 daughters would like to marry but they don’t have the money to set the ceremony to have the honor. This family will be under in the suffering heavily. When Nicholas has known the news, he will bring the gold to put in the bag for 2 bags. He has hidden to walk stealthily to place it in the house of the poor guy in the night time. This will make 2 daughters to set the marriage ceremony enormously with the full desire. Later, this will come to the time of the last daughter. Nicholas has brought the gold bag to hide to drop in the chimney in the night time. The reason that he wants to use the chimney because at that night, all windows are closed in every side.

From the behavior of Nicholas, this is the cause to make parents of the children in the later era to come to hide to bring placed gifts to the bed of the children in the night time. And this has told that Santa Claus has brought gifts to deliver to the children. This has become the imitated behavior that has praised Santa Claus to settle down in the conscious of the children to inherit until to the current situation.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Phuket Vegetarian festival is held over 9 days and is an amazing time of colour as the people celebrate in the most magnificent costumes. The festival is in honour of the nine Emperor Gods and rituals are held throughout the nine days.

Some of the rituals are based around self-mutilation. Although these appear quite scary, they draw large crowds and the people involved are under some kind of trance to make the mutilation bearable. People are monitored as to their level of trance at all times, and there are proper medical staff behind the scenes should anyone drop out of trance and need medical help. The theory behind the mutilation is that in the higher state of meditive trance people can do these things without actually causing themselves harm and indeed this is the case and an amazing sight to see.

The Vegetarian Festival has become increasingly popular and observed by younger people and tourists. Many observers and participants do not eat meat, seafood, poultry or dairy, during the time of the festival. The belief is that observers will have better health, purer mind, and gain merits from taking vegetarian foods. During this time, there will be many restaurants with yellow flags, indicating that they provide pure, vegetarian food that can be eaten. This is your chance to try delicious new food as the streets will be filled with food stalls covered with local vegetarian foods.

Phuket has one of the largest vegetarian festivals in Thailand. The festival is definely a must-see during your holiday in Phuket if you want to be amazed.