One-Day Wellness Retreat

Healthy and wellness activities for a Relaxing Holiday in Phuket

Treat yourself with the wellness activities from Phuket Spa. Relax and enjoy your holiday!

Phuket is recognized as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Aside from the beautiful beaches and exciting local attractions, Phuket also offers top-rated world class spas and wellness activities. There are countless sanctuaries that can help you utterly and completely restore balance and relax in Phuket.


Yoga means the integration of the body, the mind and the spirit to be the one. The training of Yoga is the process for training the body. This will train the breathing and this will train the mind to have the concentration on breathing in and out that will lead to the better meditation. In the viewpoint of the practice, this must include 3 things together that are, the slowed movement, the coordination of breathing in and out with the movement and has the calm mind while this has moved.

The training of Yoga is the contributing thing in taking care of the good health. The selection to take care of the health, No matter will be the modern medicine or the bringing of Yoga to use together with other treatments safely. The training of Yoga is the contribution of the treatment of the disease by oneself. This will make the body to be strong, to have the power and this will make the mind to be clear. The training of Yoga can make the process of the treatment of the disease to have the higher efficiency and can reduce the effect that is happened from the stress also.

The training of Yoga isn’t the activity that requires the competition and everyone has the freedom to train of Yoga within the own place. In training of Yoga, this won’t have any pressure or any oppression. Yoga is for everyone to enjoy and has the good health forever.

The recommendation of training of Yoga

  • This shall wear the suitable dress such as, the T-shirt, the stretching pant.
  • This shall stop to eat the food before the training as follows;

- The heavy meal such as, the food according to the meal for at least 3 hours.

- The light meal such as, the snack (the bread, the sandwich, etc.) at least for 1 hour 30 minutes.

- In order to prepare the readiness for the body due to if this is full, this will make to have the feeling of the discomfort, the uncomfortable of the body while this has the training.

  • This shall do the personal business completely or in the case that you are impelled to urinate or defecate during of the training of Yoga, you shall go to urinate or defecate first, you shalln’t train absolutely.

Thai Massage

The Thai massage has found over 2500 years ago by  Shivago Komarpaj, who was a physician of Buddha. His knowledge of the herbal medicine was extraordinary! then he mixed that skill with the massage to treat the people including the Buddha.

The normal Thai massage does not use oil or lotion, just generally pressed follow designated of the body line to release the stressful of the muscles.

Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa also have the specialize therapist on the tradition Thai massage, one in our CHANN spa menu is the signature massage, that combined the tradition Thai Massage with the Oil massage to serve the guest who never tries Thai massage before. The normal Thai massage was very hard and stresses that make the body hurts, but this signature massage not much hurts the guest as its begin of the harder and finishing with releasing the stress away.

Spas to Visit in Phuket for a Relaxing Holiday

Regardless of the type of self-improvement or relaxation you are looking for on your Phuket holiday, this place can definitely give you what you are looking for. There are lots of great spas to visit in Phuket that offer the most blissful spa treatments.

The following are some of the best Phuket spas to visit for an ultimate relaxing holiday:

Chann Wellness Spa

Chann Wellness Spa is a haven of relaxation, one of the best luxury spas in Phuket. Located in the beautiful setting of our Kamala beach resort, surrounded by the tranquil tropical gardens, the spa offers a range of body treatments, facials, and massages to help you completely relax and unwind.

Chann Spa features 10 private treatment rooms and a Relaxation Sala. All of our treatments use signature spa products, with special ingredients to soothe, rejuvenate and invigorate your body, and will leave you feeling totally relaxed.

The professional and highly trained spa staff are respectful of your personal needs and are knowledgeable in the countless wellness benefits to be gained from each specialized treatment.

Ayurah Spa and Wellness Centre Natai Beach

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This resort and spa in Phuket is just about 20 minutes north of Phuket International Airport and nestled in the sunset side of Andaman Sea and the lovely and picturesque Natai Beach. Ayurah Spa is said to be an exclusive home of Linda Meredith range of quality skincare products. The Linda Meredith has established international reputation with solid list of celebrity clients. This spa is known for taking medical as well as results-oriented approach into wellness. Individuals will surely be delighted to experience their highly rejuvenating and fully equipped spa treatment rooms, relaxation chambers, shower rooms and more. At Ayurah Spa and Wellness Centre, you can also expect for cutting edge and advanced spa therapies, age-defying spa treatments and many other treatment options.

Angsana Spa

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Angsana Spa is located in Bang Tao Bay Laguna Phuket and is indeed a spa you should visit during your Phuket holiday. Majority of the treatments here use native ingredients as well as freshly blended mixes making use of combination of ingredients such as kaffir lime, mango and frangipani. All spa therapists in Angsana have undergone proper training and have solid experience on this field. This spa offers flower petal soothing body polish, face refresher, jasmine frangipani whole body polish and more that lasts for about 30 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment chosen. There is also a treatment room for couples who wanted to relax.

Banyan Tree Spa

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This spa originally begins the concept of tropical garden spa. The Banyan Tree Spa is known for its beautiful and tranquil setting. This boasts their highly skilled, trained and experienced spa staff offering ayurvedic therapy and the traditional Thai treatments. The spa has also some of the best treatments such as steam bath, rainmist showers and the outdoor flower bath.

These are just few of the many amazing Phuket spas to visit for an ultimately relaxing holiday. Individuals visiting Phuket have all the freedom to experience world class spa treatments for a complete rejuvenating experience. If you want comforting massage, detoxifying facial, couple massage and more, Phuket spas are the best places to be. The sensation, relaxation and amazing experience you can get from the best spa in Phuket is truly something you will remember for life.