4 places for paying respect to Buddha for the new year in Phuket

4 places for paying respect to Buddha in order to add the luck to welcome for the new year.

1. Pra Tong Temple

The venerable monk, Pra Tong (Phra Phut) that is located within Pra Tong Temple, Thepkrasutree Sub-District, Thalang District, Phuket Province that is one in the Unseen Thailand. The villager who is the Thai people in Phuket has called that, “Phra Phut” because this is the Buddha statue, Phutphiangphrakatemala that is high approximately for 1 elbow. The Chinese people in Phuket, Phangnga and Krabi have paid the respect to this Buddha statue much. For Pra Tong Temple that is another one place that I would like to introduce. Friends can go to worship to request the blessing or if friends would like to offer offerings, friends can do it all the time at the temple that has opened. Because the deputy abbot will sit regularly for the Buddhist to give alms and he will wait to give the blessing in order to be the luck for all folks to come to circulate to visit. This is held as the one prominent point to make all Buddhists who have admired to go to this temple.

2. Chalong Temple

Chalong Temple is the respectable temple that has the fame in Phuket. If anyone has come to Phuket, he will have to come to visit to worship the venerable monk, Cham of Chalong Temple for the own luck. The story of the holiness and the fame in the treatment for the disease. The charisma and the high mercy of the venerable monk will make the people to have the faith too much. This can be told that while he was alive, this had the people to wait to cover with the gold leaf on his arm and leg until this could be seen as the shiny yellow for all as if this had covered the gold leaf on the Buddha statue and although the venerable monk, Cham would passed away for 100 years already. The fame, the honor and the prestige was in the memory of the people continuously.

3. Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakiri or Big Buddha

This is Pangmanwichai Buddha statue that has received the cooperation from the Phuket people and tourists to join to make merit in order to build this Buddha statue. Pangmanwichai Buddha statue is the source of the representative of the peace, the unity and the hope. Within the temple, besides, this has Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakiri already, this has still the statue of King Rama 5 for worshipping and within the building, this has still show the background of the Big Buddha temple. Moreover, the outside area will still have the beautiful view point of Phuket city also.

4. Pud Jor Shrine

Pud Jor Shrine is the former shrine that is built for more than 100 years that is located on Ranong Road that is near the Jui Tui Shrine. This Pud Jor Shrine is the enshrined place of Guan Yin that is the important Buddha image in  Mahayana Buddhism that the people must worship most. This Pud Jor Shrine has the relationship related to the lifestyle of the people on the Phuket island not less. No matter this will be the coming to worship to request for the blessing with the life such as, the marriage day, other auspicious days. The bringing of the 1 month child to request the blessing from Pud Jor to let the child to grow to be the smart child. The child will be easily to feed and the child is strong. The marriage couple that has no child, will come to worship to request the child from him. Besides, in Pud Jor Shrine, this has still the fortune stick to ask about the general story and the herb and other treatments of diseases also.