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Celebrity Visit at Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa

  • Year 2019 September - Khun Pom Jannarong ,Khun Tong Attaphon, Khun Jean and Khun X Archawin, from Karamail band.
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Maprang Virakarn, the famous actress with Channel 3.
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Ae Jirakorn Sompitak, a popular Thai artist/band, better known with the songs: "First Love", "Empty Space Beside Umbrella", "Wrong Accidental".
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Dew Pattarapol, a famous singer from The Star ,Thailand’s singing competition.
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Jass Padung Songsang, known by his stage name Jazz Chuanchuen, a Thai singer, rapper and actor.
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Tony Phee, a Thai singer, The famous songs “Glua, Praw Wah Ruk Tur”.
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Chompoo Konbai, the Thai actress & TV host.
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Tom Isara, Tom Isara is a Thai-Japanese singer. He is a member of Room 39. He was known for winning the first ever Thai season of The Mask Singer.
  • Year 2019 May - Khun Joopjeep, the Thai actor & TV host.
  • Year 2019 May - Playground Band, Thailand band who believed to change Everywhere to be a Playground, The famous songs “Moom”.
  • Year 2019 May - Yes’sir Days band, a famous rock band in Thailand. The famous songs “Jeb Pai Ruk Pai, Yahk Hai Tur Dai Yin Hua Jai”.
  • Year 2019 April - Khun Tee pipitpol phukkanasut (Jetset’er), the famous band in Thailand from Zyd Records, The famous songs "Joob (Kiss)", "Dee Yang Rai", "Honeymoon (Nam Pueng Phra Chan)".
  • Year 2019 April - Khun Songkran Rangsan, the famous actor/singer from The Voice Thailand, The Mask Singer,Thailand.
  • Year 2019 April - Khun Chaiamorn Kaewwiboonpan (Ammy The Bottom Blues), the famous Singer/Songwriter in Thailand.
  • Year 2019 April - Khun Papang Suparada Temprecha, the famous singer from True Academy Fantasia Season 4.
  • Year 2019 April - Khun M Attapon Prakobkong, a famous singer from The Star ,Thailand’s singing competition.
  • Year 2018 November - Khun Pong Nawat, The famous Thai actor. Notable works include the comedic ratings hit Dum Kum, Ngao Asoke, Buang Rak Gammathep, Sang Kram Nang Fah, and Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter.
  • Year 2018 November - Khun Tonhorm Sakuntala Teinpairog, the famous Thai actress, TV host & DJ.
  • Year 2018 September - Khun Aon Luckana and Khun Albert from UHT band, The singer and actress.
  • Year 2018 May - Khun Zee Phuwaryne Keenan, The singer,presenter,actress and TV host on Yaak TV.
  • Year 2017 June - Khun New and Khun Jiew, Thai Duo singer from GMM Grammy.
  • Year 2016 December - Khun Yai Amat Nimitpark, The famous Thai fashion photographer and Founder of AMAT underwear.
  • Year 2016 December - Khun Lukkade Metinee Kingpayom, Thailand supermodel, actress and television presenter.
  • Year 2016 December - Khun DJ Boy, from Vergin Hitz 95.5 radio station.
  • Year 2016 December - Khun Joy Chonticha, from Vergin Hitz 95.5 radio station and Channel 3 TV.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Gun Napat Injaiuea, a pop-rock singer/actor and singing competition TV show under GMM Grammy. He is the winner of The Star Season 6.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Namcha Cheranut, a Thai Singer under GMM Grammy.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Woody Milintachinda, a Thai radio and TV presenter.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Violette Wautier, a Thai-Belgian singer-songwriter and actress. She made her singing debut with the audition on season 2 of The Voice Thailand in 2013. Then started off her career in both singing and acting.
  • Year 2016 November - Than Phu Ying Ploypailin Jensen, a member of the Thai Royal Family, a granddaughter of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and a niece of King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand.
  • Year 2016 November - KhunYing Pornthip Rojanasunand and family, one of the most powerful and important forensics pathologists. Her work motivated transparency within the Royal Thai Police force and greater reform in the Thai justice system. Her efforts to identify bodies during the Tsunami crisis in 2004 were also widely recognized and one of the most valued of her works.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun GubGib Sumonthip, the entertainment industry as TV advertisement spot and magazine afterwards in 2010 she has performed her first TV series “เงารักลวงใจ” with Channel 3.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Bie KPN, a Thai-Taiwan, he is the winner of KPN Award contest #20, his first album KPN Award 2Gether since 2012, the famous songs “Till the End”.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Matt Peeranee Kongthaia Thai actress and model of Norwegian descent.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Gam Gavintra PhotijakPageant titleholder who has competed in the Miss Universe pageant. She joined ch7 as an actress since 2009, her first TV player is Sao 5.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Pat Rannapat is the lead singer of Klear – pop rock band. Klear has a contract with Genie Record since 2008, the famous song such as "Sing Khong".
  • Year 2016 November - Khun James Ma, Khun Eunjung and Micro Love Movie Team, Micro Love’ is a romance drawing a story as Korean software company CEO’s daughter (Eunjung) shows her interest in the software that was developed by Thai’s rich, elite guy Pat (James Ma). James Ma is Thailand’s top actor who is making activities as an actor and model after he finished his school work.
  • Year 2016 November - Khun Kratip Chawallakorn Wanthanapisitkul, a famous Thai actress.
  • Year 2015 November - Khun Kan Kantathavorn, The famous Thailand’s top TV presenter/Actor and Khun Ploy Iyada Kantathavorn, Khun Kan's wife.

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Thavorn Beach Village Phuket Resort & Spa is one of the best kamala beach resorts. We are situated on the Private Nakalay Bay, only 5 minutes drive to kamala beach and 15 minutes drive from Patong Beach. This allows you to have a luxury private experience, while at the same time, be only just a stone throw away from major public beaches.

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