A Privately Accessed Beach via Our Resort in Phuket Nakalay Beach

Nakalay Beach is one of Phuket’s last remaining privately accessed beaches, located between Patong and Kamala Beach.

Nakalay Bay is also home to Nakalay Pier, one of the few privately-owned piers in Phuket. Currently, the pier is not open to the public. Nakalay is home to one of the most romantic beachside restaurants in Phuket due to its privacy, great sunset views and beautiful night view of Patong Bay. It’s also perfect for weddings and romantic dinners.

Currently, the only convenient way to access Nakalay Beach is through Thavorn Beach Village Phuket Resort & Spa, which is the only resort on Nakalay Beach.

Our resort hotel in Phuket, Thailand, offers luxury accommodation in secluded, natural surroundings along the sands of our private beach. Our private beach resort is also near Patong and Kamala Beaches.

How to get to Nakalay Beach

How to Get to Nakalay Beach

Nakalay Beach is within a short drive of Patong Beach (approx. 15 mins) and Kamala Beach (Approx 5 mins). It's also within moderate driving distance from Karon/Kata Beach (Approx 25 mins). As of now, Nakalay Beach's only convenient entry is through Thavorn Beach Village Phuket Resort & Spa.

One-and-only luxury private pier in Phuket

One-and-Only Luxury Private Pier in PhuketAMOR Private Pier

Discover AMOR, Phuket's one-and-only beachfront multi-purpose events venue featuring a world-class private pier. This alluring venue in nature is perfect for celebrating life's milestones. Choose al fresco and indoor spaces, and experience unique dining offerings or host a corporate meeting or event in paradise. Most importantly, experience Phuket's one-and-only 300-meter-long private pier, which offers panoramic ocean views of Patong Bay.
Phuket’s last hidden reef

Phuket's Last Hidden Reef Nakalay House Reef

At around 300 meters from the shore at a depth of 5 – 10 meters lies Nakalay House Reef. The reef was thought to be long dead. However, a large portion of the reef remains alive, intact and hidden from sight, even during low tide. Due to it being far from shore, the reef can only be accessed via Nakalay Pier. We believe this reef has been thriving mainly due to the secluded nature of Nakalay Bay. Nakalay House Reef is an excellent dive site due to its accessibility and shallow water. Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa currently offers a large variety of underwater activities and diving courses.

Local village folklore

Local Village FolkLore The Myth of Nakalay Bay

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl named Marisa lived in this secluded bay. One day Naka, a giant sea serpent and king of the seas, passed by the bay and was struck by Marisa's beauty. Every day, Naka visited Marisa, and their love grew stronger with every passing day. Eventually, they vowed to be with each other forever. Naka promised to protect Marisa until his dying breath.

On one stormy day, Marisa mysteriously disappeared. It was believed that she was swept away by a tidal wave. Naka searched and searched for Marisa, but she was nowhere to be found. Naka was grief-stricken as he had just broken the only promise he had given to Marisa.

The myth says that Marisa’s soul returned to the bay, where she resides within an old tree. Naka, trying to make amends, remained at the bay to protect the tree, which he believes is the only thing that was left of Marisa. He remained there until his dying breath. Even after centuries, his presence can still be felt at Nakalay Bay. The rocks on the beach are the scales on his back, and the giant hill next to the Bay is his head, forever watching over Marisa.

Low Tide/High Tide Alert

Low tide and high tide alternate approximately every 6 hours. The time of day for low tide is different every day depending on the lunar cycle. Please see the tide table for accurate tide forecasts (anything below 1.7m is considered low tide). During low tide, you will see the remains of a prehistoric coral reef now home to an abundance of sea life. At this time, the beach is not conducive for swimming and water activities. During low tide, we recommend you spend your time in the lagoon pool, enjoy sunbathing, or take part in the many beach sports we offer.

About Thavorn Beach Village Phuket Resort & Spa

Thavorn Beach Village Phuket Resort & Spa is private beachfront resort located in Nakalay Beach. Nakalay Beach is 5 minutes away Kamala Beach and 15 minutes Patong Beach by car. This enables you to enjoy peaceful exclusivity of a private beach while at the same time be close to Phuket’s major public beaches