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CHANN Wellness Spa is one of the signatures of Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa. Our spa features many private treatment rooms. You can ensure our privacy and security that you can comfortably lay down without any nervous.

All of our treatments use signature spa products, with special ingredients to soothe, rejuvenate and invigorate your body that will leave you feeling totally relaxed. If you have allergies, you can tell us directly with other variety options for your real peaceful day.

CHANN Wellness Spa has many various of massages and treatments such as; CHANN Signature Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Warm-Stones Massage, Foot Massage, CHANN Herbal Facial, Kids Spa, etc. We also provide the unique packages to answer you such as; Journey of CHANN, Day Pass Program Retreat Spa Package, and Romantic Day Spa Package.

Our professional, highly trained spa staff are respectful of your personal needs and are knowledgeable in the countless wellness benefits to be gained from each specialized treatment and always asking consent for the guest before start.

CHANN Wellness Spa always under the Thai Health Establishment Act. So, you can satisfy our service strongly under the well-conducts for guest’s safety also.


9am – 9pm

Last booking at 08.30 pm.
Reservation in advanced is required.


Tel : +66 (0)98 016 2144
Email : [email protected]

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