Why choose us for your wellbeing retreat? Phuket Best Wellness Resort

Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa has all crucial elements that make us not only one of Phuket’s best beach resorts but also one fulfils our guests’ sense of wellbeing. Not only are we home to Phuket Award-winning spa but our resort atmosphere is one that is filled with serenity and rejuvenation. Here is a list of reason that makes us perfect for your next wellbeing retreat.

Award-winning Luxury Wellness Spa

Award Winning Spa

Chann Wellness Spa is fully equipped with luxury facilities and services to ensure the best spa visit in Phuket. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, sauna, or just a simple body and facial treatment, we have just the right facility and treatment to accommodate your needs. Inspired by the practice of traditional Asian medicine and naturopathy, each CHANN treatment is thoughtfully designed to enrich your relaxing experience to revitalize and invigorate body and soul.

Phuket Wellness Retreat

Tons of Wellbeing Activities

Our variety of activities will keep you centred and entertained throughout your retreat. Keep fit and maintain sense of balance with private/public yoga classes. Our "Yoga for All" class is designed to be accommodating to people of all skill levels. We also recommend our "Thai boxing class" for those who prefer more physical activities. Our resort is also home to one of the best  freediving/scuba diving courses on the island, which can be done right at our in-house reef. Alternatively, you may dip your toes in a range of wholesome family friendly activities such as Batik painting class, plaster painting class, or our daily petting zoo!

Join exclusive complimentary class for resort guest : “Good Morning with Good Vibes” “BASIC STRETCHING / MEDITATION / SOUND BOWL HEALING CLASS” between 07:30 AM - 08:30 AM.

World-class Yoga and Meditation Program with Renown Yoga Teacher

We've partnered up with Sonia Lucas from Good Vibes Thailand to offer you one of the best yoga, wellness, and meditation program on the island.

Sonia came to Phuket in 2020 and started Good Vibes Thailand, a worldclass wellness program geared towards all fitness levels. She is a wellness expert with 350+ hours of yoga teacher training under her belt as well as non-stop live/zoom classes. She has her own youtube channel , which shes aims to share her wonderful lessons with the rest of the world.

Sonia now teaches weekly classes at Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa, which includes Yoga for All, Soundbowl Healing Meditation, and Sunset Beach Yoga.

Her classes are towards both resort and local guests. All are welcome! Contact the resort to book your Wellness activity or simply show up for a scheduled class! Locals are invited to join us to make this Wellness experience complete in this stunning, classy, flagship 5-Star resort with the only private beach on the island! Look forward to sharing GOOD VIBES THAILAND with you! 

Perfect Location

Private Beach of Peace and Serenity

You will be staying on the private Nakalay beach, one of Phuket’s last remaining private beaches. Nakalay Beach is the private beach closest to Kamala Beach and world-famous Patong Beach. Nakalay beach is a perfect destination for your wellbeing retreat due to its secluded yet accessible nature. Nakalay beachfront is perfect for variety of activities such as beach jogging, yoga, pilates, thai boxing and more!

Botanical Gardens

Resort inside a Botanical Garden

Here, you will experience the ultimate therapy via nature. We are a resort that is nestled in over 15 acres of botanical gardens. When you stay with us, you will be staying in a place filled with greenery and meticulously crafted gardens. Our gardens are filled with hundreds of tropical plant species such as orchids, 100 year-old Ficus tree, and plumerias.

See Wellness Retreat Packages

3-Day Wellbeing Retreat

3-Day Wellbeing Retreat

This 3-day retreat will help you discover the natural way of health issues prevention that includes a schedule of wellbeing activities such as yoga, steam, sauna, bath, body scrub, a full body massage and a selection of healthy meals to elevate your health and leave you feeling your very best.

Starts from Baht per Person per Night (Min 2 nights stay)

7-Day Wellbeing Retreat

7-Day Wellbeing Retreat

7-day wellbeing retreat package uses a holistic approach to rebalance 3 important aspects of health - mental, physical and spiritual by embracing natural herbs, a healthy diet, meditation, yoga, massage and cleansing rituals to minimize stress, and ensure your energy flows smoothly.

Starts from Baht per Person per Night (Min 6 nights stay)

Full Day Packages

Full Day Packages

Our full-day self-care packages include activities designed to achieve optimal physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing within 1 day. Perfect for Phuket residents or guests staying at other resorts but want to spend a relaxing day at our wellbeing sanctuary. We have over 15 packages available for you to choose from, each with emphasis on different aspects of wellbeing.

Starts from 2,950 Baht per person

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Wellness Resort Activities

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Wellness Spa Treatments

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