Things to Do in Kamala Beach, Phuket Attractions & Activities

Thavorn Beach Village Phuket Resort & Spa is simply one of the best choices among other Kamala Beach resorts. Our unique location and proximity to Kamala Beach means we offer the exclusivity of a private area while providing easy access to Kamala Beach.

Our one-of-a-kind resort facilities are also some of the most unique on Kamala Beach, Phuket. Choose to spend your day swimming endlessly in our lagoon oasis swimming pool, or take the jungle funicular up to the top of Kamala Hill for the exclusive panoramic view of Nakalay Bay. Our resort provides you with many amazing activities throughout your holiday. Not convinced? Here are all the amazing reasons Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa is one of the best Kamala Beach resorts.

You won’t be asking what there is to do in Kamala Beach once you see everything offered at Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa. For swimmers, we offer one of the largest swimming pools in Thailand with our expansive lagoon pool. We also have plenty of snorkeling and diving activities on Nakalay House Reef right offshore. If you don’t find sea creatures cuddly, visit our little zoo and get acquainted with our menagerie of friendly rabbits, turtles, parrots, and teacup pigs. 

We also offer yoga, fruit carving, and Thai cooking classes. Our adventurous guests can learn the skills of Muay Thai from seasoned professional instructors or enjoy soccer, volleyball, badminton and canoeing on our private beach. When you get tired, indulge yourself with a massage and a range of spa treatments at our award-winning CHANN Wellness Spa.  

You’ll find plenty of things to do in Kamala Beach that will fill as much of your days as you desire.


Private Nakalay Beach

Private Nakalay Beach

You’ll be staying on Nakalay Beach, one of Phuket’s last remaining private beaches. Nakalay Beach is the closest private beach to Kamala Beach and the world-famous Patong Beach.

Close proximity to Patong and Kamala Beach.

Close Proximity to Patong and Kamala Beach

While you enjoy the exclusivity of a private beach, know that you are still close to two of Phuket’s most popular public beaches, Patong and Kamala. Our Kamala Beach resort is a 15-minute drive away from Patong Beach and 5-minute drive from Kamala Beach.

Scuba and free diver’s dream resort

Scuba & Free Divers Dream Resort

Few resorts could boast about having a thriving coral reef at its doorstep. Nakalay House Reef is one of Phuket's last undisturbed and thriving coral reefs. This makes our resort one of the best places to enjoy all sorts of underwater activities without having to take a full-day boat excursion. We are also one of the best places to take your scuba and free diving certification courses, as all activities can be done at your doorstep.

Tropical lagoon pool resort with activities in Phuket

Tropical Lagoon pool

Our tropical lagoon pool weaves through endless beautiful greenery that gives you a true beach resort experience.

Botanical Gardens

Our guest’s reviews say it all. You will not find resort greenery elsewhere as meticulously crafted and cared for as ours.

9 Kamala Beach Resort Accommodation Options

Choose from 9 upscale Kamala resort accommodation options, each with different defining characteristic such as beachside view, panoramic sea views, lagoon pool access, luxury Thai decor, tropical colonial decor and more!

Phuket Beachfront Petting Zoo

Phuket's One-and-Only Beach Zoo

Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa’s signature activity is Phuket's one-and-only beach petting zoo. Twice per day, guests are welcome to join in this activity free of charge. Come and meet our cute animals consisting of colorful parrots, teacup pigs, giant tortoises, and rabbits!

Tons of Activities

We have it all, from beach yoga to paddle boarding. Many of our activities are FREE to join. We also recommend you spend time with our cuddly animals.

Jungle funicular

Jungle Funicular

Our funicular access provides a unique experience for guests staying in hillside rooms. For other guests, it provides a panoramic view of Nakalay Beach and Patong Bay.

Sustainable practices

Sustainable Practices

We serve our guests in ways that do not harm our local environment. Notably, we established “Save Nakalay Reef,” a CSR campaign undertaking monthly coral replantation.